Beretta 12 gauge 690 Sport ADJ COMB

Over and Under Shotgun (R/H) - S/H

Trade seller - Advertised for 15 days until 31/05/2019 for £1,795

Information about Beretta Shotguns

Since its inception nearly 500 years ago, Beretta has become one of the most popular brands among gun aficionados. Offering unrivalled action, pinpoint accuracy and reliability during hunts, competitions and field sports, their guns come with a wide range of barrel sizes, gauges and chokes and perfectly combine beauty and performance. Beretta constantly refine their product offering; there are thousands of beautiful designs available to suit a vast variety of needs and budgets from more basic models to exclusive ones with luxurious finishes.

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# Mechanism Make Model Calibre Bar. Len. Cast Price Age County
1. Over and Under Beretta 686L 12 gauge 28" R/H £845 S/H West Yorkshire  
2. Over and Under Beretta 682 Gold 12 gauge 29 ½" R/H £1,295 S/H Wiltshire  
3. Over and Under Beretta 687 EELL 12 gauge 30" R/H £3,595 S/H Derbyshire  
4. Over and Under Beretta 686 Essential 12 gauge 28" R/H £795 S/H Hertfordshire  
5. Over and Under Beretta 12 gauge 30" R/H £1,400 S/H Somerset  
6. Over and Under Beretta 12 gauge R/H £650 S/H Somerset  
7. Over and Under Beretta 686 E 12 gauge 30" R/H £1,250 S/H cornwall  
8. Over and Under Beretta 692 Sporting 12 gauge 32" L/H £2,200 S/H cornwall  
9. Over and Under Beretta DT10 Trap 12 gauge 30" R/H £3,300 S/H cornwall  
10. Over and Under Beretta Silver Pigeon 1 Sport 12 gauge 28" R/H £995 S/H Cornwall  
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