Beretta 12 gauge 694 Limited Edition 31" m/c

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  • Beretta 12 gauge 694 Limited Edition 31" m/c
  • Beretta 12 gauge 694 Limited Edition 31" m/c
  • Beretta 12 gauge 694 Limited Edition 31" m/c
  • Beretta 12 gauge 694 Limited Edition 31" m/c
  • Beretta 12 gauge 694 Limited Edition 31" m/c
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The brand new Limited Edition 'GMK 50th Anniversary' Beretta 694 has arrived and what a great gun GMK & Beretta have created. Only 250 of these guns are being produced each one coming with a nice 'limited edition' certificate and a 10 year warranty upgrade. The limited edition model features 31" barrels with a groove centre channel tapering rib which really leads your eye down to the bead. The 31" barrel length is only offered on this edition as well - it will prove a great compromise for the person who can't decide between a 30" or 32" barrel.
The steel action has a modern, sporting look, and features side panels with a mirrored profile and diagonal lines underlined by a blue graphic design. The bottom of the action is decorated with Beretta's three arrows and 694 logo, again in blue, while the Nistan finishing lends it the typical matte grey colour. Steelium Plus barrels fitted with Optima HP extended chokes not only deliver soft recoil but also excellent pattern formation leading to great breaks even at long range. There is more weight in the barrels (compared to a 692 or DT11) which makes this gun handle very well with a steadier swing compared to the 692/DT11. The barrels are prepared for the magnetic barrel weights from the Black Edition range of guns to add even more weight up front if required (this is an optional extra). The stock has been re-profiled around the action and has a deeper pistol grip than a 692 and a comfortable palm swell too. The stock has the B-Fast balance weight system fitted - the gun is balanced to perfection from the factory. The steel forend is heavier than on previous models and has a new easy operating method for fast removal.

This is a great looking and handling gun that will be perfect for shooting English Sporting whatever level you are at. The overall weight will help reduce recoil, the extra barrel weight offered by the 31" barrels will help control the swing on longer range shots but at the same time the handling is lively enough to comfortably cope with closer and faster targets if required.

Cased with a set of 5 extended Optima H.P chokes and a 10 year warranty.

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  • Beretta
  • 694 Limited Edition 31" m/c
  • Shotgun
  • Right Handed
  • 31"
  • 14 ⅞"
  • Multi & Multi
  • 8lb.6oz.
  • Italy
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