Browning 12 gauge B525 Sporter One Trap Forend

Over and Under Shotgun (R/H) - S/H

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Over a century of expert craftsmanship has been refined and perfected since 1897, the year the first Browning gun was made. Since then millions of Browning shotguns have been produced for hunters, target shooters and collectors, manufactured to the exacting standards of this esteemed name. Browning guns are steeped in heritage, having introduced not just the semi-automatic shotgun, but also the Over-and-Under shotgun, renowned for its efficiency, elegance and impeccable technical features. The Browning name is now synonymous with guns, with owners across the world deriving great pleasure from their shotgun day after day. Buy Browning, a name whose history is intrinsically linked to the very history of the shotgun itself. Some of our most popular models of Browning shotgun include: ·         Browning B80 ·         Browning 2000 ·         Browning Gold ·         Browning Phoenix ·         Browning Maxus Composite ·         Browning B525 ·         And hundreds more besides!

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# Mechanism Make Model Calibre Bar. Len. Cast Price Age County
1. Over and Under Browning B725 Sporter Black Edition 12 gauge 32" L/H £1,300 S/H North Yorkshire  
2. Over and Under Browning B25 B2G 12 gauge 27 ½" R/H £2,750 S/H Lancashire  
3. Over and Under Browning 12 gauge 30" L/H £3,495 S/H Lancashire  
4. Over and Under Browning B525 Grade 1 12 gauge 28" R/H £1,350 S/H Surrey  
5. Over and Under Browning B525 Sporter One 12 gauge 30" R/H £1,149 S/H Warwickshire  
6. Over and Under Browning B525 Trap (Advance) 12 gauge 32" R/H £1,000 S/H Lincolnshire  
7. Over and Under Browning B725 Sporter G5 12 gauge 30" R/H £3,295 S/H Kent  
8. Over and Under Browning B725 Pro Sport Adjustable 12 gauge L/H £2,795 S/H North Yorkshire  
9. Over and Under Browning B725 Sporter 12 gauge 30" R/H £1,995 S/H Wiltshire  
10. Over and Under Browning B725 Pro Sport 12 gauge R/H £2,450 S/H Staffordshire  
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