Browning 12 gauge Fusion Evolve (Gold Engraving)

Semi-Auto Shotgun (R/H) - S/H


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Really nice quality semi auto with gold engraving of Pheasant & Duck.
Well figured walnut stock - In excellent condition.

The Fusion’s piston has an “Active Valve system” regulating valve inside it. This regulating valve works independently of the piston, which make it more efficient than other gas operated systems and means that it lasts longer.

• With light loads, the piston uses most of the energy generated by the gases for perfect operation.
• With heavy loads, the excess gas is rejected through the piston’s side ventilation holes.

• Operates perfectly with all cartridges from 28 g to 56g.

• The regulating valve has 3 segments which ensure that it is perfectly tight and that the magazine tube is clean for excellent operation.

• The piston’s extremely short stroke limits the quantity of gas given off by the device.

• The Fusion Evolve’s Back-Bored barrel and its new, ventilated rib which is silver-welded are synonymous with great rigidity. The advantage of this strength when firing is that the points of impact are perfectly consistent and regular. Your shot pattern isn’t scattered.
• The Fusion semi-automatic shotguns’ barrels are completely interchangeable, so you can change them easily. Depending on your type of hunting, you could use a 61cm, 66cm, 71 cm or 76cm barrel on the same gun.

3. Speed LoadingTM - Express loading system
The exclusive Speed Loading (*) and Cut Off combination gives Browning semi-automatic shotguns the following advantages:
• Express loading • Instantaneous cartridge loading in the chamber • Complete safety with the breech open
• Immediate reloading by disabling the Cut Off


  • Browning
  • Fusion Evolve
  • Shotgun
  • Right Handed
  • Belgian
  • 113MP10464
  • 190814/007
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