Fabarm 12 gauge Elos Trap

Over and Under Shotgun (R/H) - S/H

Trade seller - Advertised for 373 days until 7/01/2018 for £800

Information about Fabarm Shotguns

Fabarm shotguns are renowned for their distinctive looks as well as their reliability and value for money, which stems from the high quality components they are made from. Although lesser known than makes such as Beretta and Browning, Fabarm shotguns are still one of our most popular guns for buyers looking for a great value gun which will last and last. Some of our most popular models include: • Fabarm Euro 3 • Fabarm Max Luxus • Fabarm Axis • Fabarm Elos • Fabarm STL • Fabarm XLR5 Velocity

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# Mechanism Make Model Calibre Bar. Len. Cast Price Age County
1. Over and Under Fabarm Axis RS 12 gauge 32 " R/H £1,295 S/H Cambridgeshire  
2. Over and Under Fabarm Axis RS 12 gauge 30 " R/H £1,295 S/H Cambridgeshire  
3. Over and Under Fabarm Axis RS Sporting 12 gauge 30 " R/H £1,095 S/H Wiltshire  
4. Over and Under Fabarm Select 12 gauge 28 " R/H £425 S/H North Wales  
5. Over and Under Fabarm 12 gauge 29 " R/H £495 S/H North Wales  
6. Over and Under Fabarm non ej 12 gauge 26 ¾" R/H £175 S/H Lancashire  
7. Over and Under Fabarm Axis RS Q.R.R 12 gauge 30 " L/H £1,595 S/H Gloucestershire  
8. Over and Under Fabarm 12 gauge 29 " R/H £275 S/H Oxfordshire  
9. Over and Under Fabarm Gamma 12 gauge 27 ½" R/H £375 S/H Warwickshire  
10. Over and Under Fabarm STL Competition 12 gauge R/H £1,650 S/H  
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