KOFS 410 gauge Spectre SXE

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A relative new comer to the UK shooting scene Kofs are a Turkish gun company who pride themselves on creating innovative, affordable shotguns made to a standard that far exceeds their price tag. Many people reading this release will be saying it’s just another Turkish game gun, however we at the Sportsman Gun Centre would disagree. We also feel that when shooters pickup these guns they will notice there are some distinct differences from other guns of this price point - circa £500.00 retail. The first thing you will notice is the finish of the stocks, made with a quality grade of walnut every KOFs shotgun is oil finished to accentuate the colour and figuration of the wood. This attention to detail creates a desirable satin finish that draws comparison to guns over twice the Sceptres price.

The second thing you will notice is the quality of the engravings – etched into both sides and the underside of the receiver are attractive scroll engravings. Based on popular European leaf patterns the engravings add a level of sophistication to what is a competent range of game guns. Completing the package is a tried and tested mechanism that features many of the options the modern shooter desires. Based on a single selective trigger design the Sceptre is fitted with a tang mounted safety, ejectors and a set of chrome lined multi choke barrels.

Specifications Available Calibres: 12G, 20G, 28G, .410 Barrel Lengths Available: 28” and 30” Chokes: 5 interchangeable chokes C, IC, M, IM, F Stock: Oil finished Turkish Walnut Chamber: 12G – 3” Magnum / 20G 3” Magnum / 28G 2 ¾” / .410 3” Magnum Barrel: Chrome lined Monoblock barrels


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