Laurona 12 gauge

Over and Under Shotgun (R/H) - S/H

Trade seller - Advertised for 61 days until 14/10/2022 for £90

Information about Laurona Shotguns

The Spanish gunmakers, Laurona, have been manufacturing shotguns since 1941. The company was set up by four craftsmen, each with a specialist area a different aspect of shotgun manufacturing. Initially Laurona focused on creating side-by-side shotguns, until 1978 when they branched into the under-and-over market. These shotguns are robust, well made and extremely resistant to weathering. Due to changes in design and building, the newer models feature a lightweight yet sturdy design.

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# Mechanism Make Model Calibre Bar. Len. Cast Price Age County
1. Over and Under Laurona 12 gauge 30" R/H £599 S/H Buckinghamshire  
2. Over and Under Laurona 12 gauge 28" R/H £500 S/H Shropshire  
3. Over and Under Laurona GiAME 12 gauge 27 ½" R/H £425 S/H Nottinghamshire  
4. Over and Under Laurona 12 gauge 28" R/H £175 S/H Hertfordshire  
5. Over and Under Laurona 12 gauge R/H £250 S/H Surrey  
6. Over and Under Laurona 85 MS 12 gauge 28" R/H £295 S/H East Sussex  
7. Over and Under Laurona Super Trap 12 gauge 32" R/H £275 S/H Nottinghamshire  
8. Over and Under Laurona #3 Boxlock 12 gauge 28" R/H £425 S/H Dumfriesshire  
9. Over and Under Laurona non ejector 12 gauge 28" R/H £150 S/H Lancashire  
10. Over and Under Laurona Eibar Magnum 12 gauge 29" R/H £150 S/H Strathclyde  
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