Miroku 12 gauge 7000 SP-1

Over and Under Shotgun (R/H) - S/H

Trade seller - Advertised for 29 days until 6/12/2020 for £895

Information about Miroku Shotguns

With a heritage in shotgun making which dates as far back as 1893, you can rest assured that Miroku are amongst the world’s leading shotgun makers. The Miroku brand has been established on traditional Japanese craftsmanship and attention to detail, with precision work in both steel and wood. This rich manufacturing legacy ensures each and every Miroku shotgun is technically perfect and looks like a piece of art. The quality of Miroku shotguns is assured by the fact that every gun sold in Europe has to undergo a strict accuracy and reliability test, and must satisfy the rigorous standards set by the International Gunpowder Committee. Some of our most popular Miroku models include: ·         Miroku MK 38 ·         Miroku MK 70 ·         Miroku MK 60 ·         Amongst a host of others...

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# Mechanism Make Model Calibre Bar. Len. Cast Price Age County
1. Over and Under Miroku MK 38 Grade 5 12 gauge R/H £1,895 S/H Somerset  
2. Over and Under Miroku MK 38 Grade 1 12 gauge 32" R/H £1,200 S/H Buckinghamshire  
3. Over and Under Miroku 3800 Trap Grd 1 12 gauge 30" R/H £850 S/H Buckinghamshire  
4. Over and Under Miroku 3800 Grade 3 12 gauge R/H £1,250 S/H Buckinghamshire  
5. Over and Under Miroku MK70 Grade 1 12 gauge 30" R/H £850 S/H Buckinghamshire  
6. Over and Under Miroku 800 12 gauge 26" R/H £300 S/H West Yorkshire  
7. Over and Under Miroku 3700 Grade 3 12 gauge 26" R/H £549 S/H North Yorkshire  
8. Over and Under Miroku MK 70 Grade 1 12 gauge 30" R/H £699 S/H London (Greater)  
9. Over and Under Miroku MK38 Sporterized trap 12 gauge 30" R/H £1,295 S/H Somerset  
10. Over and Under Miroku 6000 SP1 12 gauge 28" R/H £750 S/H Kent  
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