Miroku 12 gauge MK11 Sideplate 30" m/c

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  • Miroku 12 gauge MK11 Sideplate 30" m/c
  • Miroku 12 gauge MK11 Sideplate 30" m/c
  • Miroku 12 gauge MK11 Sideplate 30" m/c
  • Miroku 12 gauge MK11 Sideplate 30" m/c
  • Miroku 12 gauge MK11 Sideplate 30" m/c
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The all new Miroku MK11 Game has arrived and what a cracking gun it is to look at. The sideplate action has an attractive deep gamescene and scroll engraving which really looks the part, taking full advantage of the very latest laser engraving techniques with an element of hand finishing as well. The woodwork is both well proportioned and nicely figured, the stock is fitted with a soft recoil pad for recoil reduction and the forend has a rounded profile. The barrels are Invector+ back bored and come with a solid rib adding to the elegant style of this model. The added weight offered by the solid rib makes the balance slightly forward of the pin which will really steady the swing on longer range/high driven game but the handling is still lively enough to cope comfortably with local driven partridge. Miroku generally produce fixed choke game guns but this gun shows they are planning for the future by making it suitable for steel shot.

The package is completed by a quality lockable case and a decent range of chokes.

Part exchange welcome.

The following was taken from the Miroku website -

The Miroku MK11 Side Plated is like a fine hand-crafted jewel that you never tire of admiring. First of all, this side-plated shotgun is an absolute treat for the eyes. The engraved pheasants and partridges are particularly deep, giving life and dimension to the motifs. Add in the high standard of hand-checkered wood, the teardrops and the lovingly crafted finishes, and you have a gun that sets new standards of elegance.

But the MK11 Side Plated is more than just a work of art: it's a technological revolution, offering an unprecedented combination of two important components - an ultra-low action frame and an inertia operated system. The ultra-low action frame gives a much faster aim and better recoil absorption, while the inertia system, which is also a feature of the Browning B525, is unfailingly reliable and lowers the final price of the gun.


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  • MK11 Sideplate 30" m/c
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