Zabala 12 gauge (Pistol Grip Stock)

Side by Side Shotgun (R/H) - S/H

Trade seller - Advertised for 71 days until 23/08/2018 for £550

Information about Zabala Shotguns

South African gun manufacturer Zabala Hermanos has been producing exclusive shotguns since 1932 and has made close to 1,000,000 guns in the intervening years. This is a family enterprise with a forward-looking attitude to gun making. Its factory is fully integrated and high tech, with modern processes, but fine adjustments and assembly are performed using the central tenets of traditional gun making. Good quality, resilience, safety and elegance are characteristic of a Zabala shotgun. Its range includes models for the field and for competitive shooting. The collection features all gauges as well as over & unders and side-by-side models. You’ll find all these and more at guntrader today.

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# Mechanism Make Model Calibre Bar. Len. Cast Price Age County
1. Side by Side Zabala Zabala hermanos 12 gauge 28 " R/H £280 S/H Castell-nedd Port Talbot  
2. Side by Side Zabala 12 gauge 32 " R/H £325 S/H Essex  
3. Side by Side Zabala 12 gauge R/H £450 S/H Kent  
4. Side by Side Zabala 12 gauge R/H £200 S/H Kent  
5. Side by Side Zabala 12 gauge 28 " R/H £295 S/H Essex  
6. Side by Side Zabala 12 gauge 30 " R/H £125 S/H Central  
7. Side by Side Zabala Wildfowler 12 gauge 28 " R/H £199 S/H Avon  
8. Side by Side Zabala Spartan 12 gauge 28 " R/H £225 S/H Warwickshire  
9. Side by Side Zabala LP71 12 gauge 25 ½" R/H £150 S/H Lincolnshire  
10. Side by Side Zabala 12 gauge 28 " R/H £199 S/H Shropshire  
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