Colt .177 (BB) Python (Nickel)

CO2 Air Pistol (R/H) - S/H

Trade seller - Advertised for 33 days until 10/04/2019 for £109


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# Mechanism Make Model Calibre Bar. Len. Cast Price Age County
1. CO2 Dan wesson 6inch Black BB .177 (BB) R/H £100 S/H Leicestershire  
2. CO2 Dan wesson 4inch Gold BB .177 (BB) R/H £110 S/H Leicestershire  
3. CO2 Remington 1911 RAC .177 (BB) R/H £89 S/H Buckinghamshire  
4. CO2 Remington 1911 RAC .177 (BB) R/H £60 S/H Lancashire  
5. CO2 ASG Webley MK6 .177 (BB) R/H £149 S/H Buckinghamshire  
6. CO2 Gamo Auto 45 .177 (BB) Amb. £75 S/H West Midlands  
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