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Caesar Guerini Maxum LTD

05 May 2024

A game gun that has been upgraded with a new look to suit a more traditional kind of shooter. 

The attention to detail is of course expected by Caesar Guerini and with up to 10-year warranty you cannot go wrong with any of their guns. 

Things we like: 

  • The engraving  
  • The choice of wood on this gun, which accompanies the colour case hardened action 

Other models: 

  • Caesar Guerini Maxum 
  • Caesar Guerini Maxum Gold Sporting 


Make                                               Caesar Guerini

Model                                              Maxum LTD

Barrel                                               30"

Calibre                                             20 Gauge

Stock                                               14 3/4"

Mechanism                                      Over and Under (RH)

Weight                                             6lb. 12oz

Chokes                                             Multi & Multi

Condition                                         S/H

Dealer Feedback

The new Caesar Guerini model; the Maxum Limited 20ga, featuring some stunning grade 5 timber and beautiful, genuine colour case hardened action. Some other brands have been known to 'cheat' with this process and use a superficial colour 'wash' to mimic the hardening process. On the contrary, Caesar Guerini use a genuine hardening process, which gives a deep and illustrious coloration which will stand the test of time. The hardened action really does give a stealthy look, well complemented by the deep, dark stock figuring.  

The action and barrels of the Guerini 'Limited' line guns go through an additional level of hand-fitting/polishing to ensure a smooth opening, even for a brand-new gun. These feature a very classic solid tapered top-rib (7-11mm), rounded "London" forends and semi-pistols grips for producing some rather racey lines.  This is of course proofed for the hottest of steel loads (High Performance/Fleur de Lis) with 3" magnum chambers. The cartridge manufacturers have found that you are unable to load more than 28gm of steel shot into a 2 3/4" 20ga shell, and therefore generally most 70mmloads 'standard' performance. To take advantage of the high-performance steel, you need to employ a 3" shell which this gun will have no trouble soaking up. The solid rib used adds some useful weight to the barrels, not only making them steadier swinging on tall birds but acting to absorb a significant amount of recoil from even the 'spikiest' loads! (...most HP steel offerings...!) 

Spare heel plates are included, to alter LOP to either 14 3/4" or 15 1/8" and a balanced weight of 6lbs 12oz. 

Gunsmith Feedback 

What are the three main things that tend to go wrong with these guns? And why?  

With the gun coming with a 10-year mechanical warranty that is transferable to the second user there is very little that tends to go wrong, the early Maxum models with excessive use, would occasionally break a safety catch spring however even the safety catch system has all been updated.  

What should a buyer look for when looking at this gun?

The main thing with buying any new/used gun is to look for a piece of wood they like and to check the wood over for any marks etc. It is also key to check the length of pull, and the Maxum LTD comes with a thicker pad which can fit straight on. 

What is your overall opinion on the design and mechanisms that make this gun?  

The gun is a solid design with a fantastic action, extremely reliable. 

What advice would you give to buyers looking to buy this gun? Or people that have one in their cabinet other than the usual cleaning advice?  

After a few years I would consider getting an oil finish rather that the Italian true oil finish but that’s just my opinion as I think after a few years it will rejuvenate the wood and bring out the grain , but anyone looking at buying one I would say do it and enjoy it , for value for money you’re going to struggle to find a better purchase. 

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