Rizzini Grand Regal Extra

24 Mar 2024

Rizzini Grand Regal Extra

The Grand Regal is a game gun like none that we’ve yet reviewed. A gun built with a round body and a stunningly engraved action at that, partnered with grade 4 walnut wood.

This will certainly remain one of our favourites to look at, regardless of its durability.

What we like

  • The engraving
  • The grade of wood
  • Its overall look and feel

What we don’t like

How underrated these guns are!


Make                                                 Rizzini

Model                                                Grand Regal Extra

Barrel                                                 30"

Choke                                                Multi Multi

Stock                                                  14" 7/8

Condition                                           New

Gunsmith Feedback

What are the three main things that tend to go wrong with these guns? And why?

The first thing that goes wrong tends to be the firing pins very much like all Italian guns, this is easily replaced in the annual service. The next thing that tends to go wrong is if, after a prolonged time of being wet, the top lever return pin can rust at the top of the action. Stopping the top lever, clicking back, and holding it open automatically. Thirdly, they can be quite fussy on light loads of 21 grams, especially in 12 bores, this is easily regulated, if that is the cartridge load of choice, however, can lead to double discharge if shooting 34 grams and above.

What should a buyer look for when looking at this gun?

I’d look for heavy dirt and grime at the bottom of the actions. They often collect dirt and grime in there if they have been neglected. Check for cracks on the top and bottom of the head of the stock as this can happen if the stock bolt isn’t checked for tightness.

What is your overall opinion on the design and mechanisms that make this gun?

I think the Rizzini is one of the best and simplest designs. There is not a great deal that can cause issues over this lifetime of a gun. They offer oversized bolts to keep the gun tight on the face, keeping them fresh feeling long into the future and after thousands of shots. All the parts are relatively cheap and are easily obtainable. I think the design of these guns is up there with some of the best-looking guns available at the moment, for a similar price as a Beretta silver pigeon 3 you can get a gun with a better finish, better wood, and wood-to-metal fit with much nicer engraving. The deep steel laser engraved acanthus scroll really is beautifully done.

What advice would you give to buyers looking to buy this gun? Or people that have one in their cabinet other than the usual cleaning advice? 

Look for upgraded models as they really have a great selection of wood blanks, so often come with really gorgeous bits of wood. Lots of people say that the dimensions of the Rizzini’s tend to point very well. 

When buying new, do you think this gun is fairly priced for what it offers you as a shooter? 

I think for the price you get a lot of gun, the laser engraving is 2nd to none and has a lovely crisp look and feel to it. They age very well too. They come with a choice of a ventilated or solid rib to suit whoever the shooter is. They come with multi chokes as standard, along with high-performance 3-inch steel shotproof.  The chequering is laser cut and looks very good too!

They had a few years of a bad reputation for reliability, but after having sold used and looked after many, they really do put up with a lot of abuse be it in the field or on a clay stand.

The Verdict

It appears that in the past these guns suffered a bad reputation for unreliability, however, after further work and design that opinion hasn't stuck. This gun is undeniably stunning. The engraving is beautifully finished, and accompanied with the grade 4 wood it really does make a good-looking gun.

Overall the internal build seems to be reliable when considering that the firing pins tend to be the only thing that overtime need replacing.

And to be called a 'lifetime gun' by our gunsmith, it's got to be good right?

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