Beretta 691 Field Vittoria Review

08 Mar 2024

First Impressions 4/5

The most notable first impression of the 691 Field Vittoria, for me was immediately on picking the shotgun up, it was so light!  Having shot with my Silver Pigeon for the last 10 years, I have become used to the weight of a ‘normal shotgun’ and as this was the first time picking up a Lady’s specific gun, I was really surprised.  Aesthetically, the dark walnut stock and the beautiful floral detail make it a very attractive gun.

Design Build & Functionality 4/5

The unique design changes in this gun really make the difference.  The shorted stock combined with the altered shape of the pistol grip mean they have truly developed this gun for the female shooter.  The angle of the pistol grip stood out to me when mounting the gun and its then that you notice how beautifully balanced it is. 

Field Test 5/5

After getting used to the change in the weight of this gun, I really started to enjoy hitting some clays.  It handles incredibly well, most of which I think I would put down to the shortened pistol grip.  It meant that I could move the gun more easily into the shoulder, getting a comfortable gun mount quickly and effectively.   

Value for Money 4/5

I believe that given the design and quality of this Beretta, it is value for money, given how much I enjoyed shooting with it.  It is comparable in price to alternative shotguns and is most certainly one that would remain in the gun cabinet for years to come.

Overall 5/5

Having been sceptical about a ‘female specific’ shotgun, I can happily say that I have been converted and in all honesty will be looking to trade in my beloved silver pigeon for the 691 Field Vittoria.  It was a pleasure to shoot with and makes perfect sense when you look at the design features.

Test Ground

We would like to thank Ian Coley Sporting for allowing us to run tests at their ground near Cheltenham. They have a great setup not only do they have first class facilities they have really friendly and knowledgeable staff. See some of the guns they have available here, Ian Coley Gun Shop.


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