Air Arms .22 Kymira

Pre-charged Pneumatic Air Rifle (R/H) - New


  • Air Arms .22 Kymira
  • Air Arms .22 Kymira
  • Air Arms .22 Kymira
  • Air Arms .22 Kymira
  • Air Arms .22 Kymira
  • Air Arms .22 Kymira
  • Air Arms .22 Kymira
  • Air Arms .22 Kymira
  • Air Arms .22 Kymira
  • Air Arms .22 Kymira
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The Air Arms Kymira limited edition air rifle is a celebration of the heritage of Air Arms, where they are now and where they're are heading. This rifle embodies their many significant milestones, spanning four decades and delivers prestige and performance to the shooter. Using their current cutting-edge technology, they are proud to present the Kymira, a limited edition, truly unique rifle that represents our heritage of world-beating performance and our commitment to excellence throughout their 40 years.

The gun is a piece of living history, artistically crafted from Air Arms most notable models:

The action block is paneled and styled on the Series 100 model
The handle of the loading bolt is inspired by the Shamal. This will further enhance the ambidextrous features of the rifle and increase appeal. Made from titanium, the Kymira’s bolt handle is both hi-tech and retro
The valving mechanism is adopted from the latest high-performance S510 R and XS range, and is fully-regulated
The magazine system is taken from the S410, with the added distinction of having a black pellet carrier with a clear lens, as used on our classic S310 magazines
The barrel clamp is wider than current production versions. It’s inspired by the legendary solidity of the S300, and acknowledges the Shamal which had a barrel spacer similar in width
The air-storage reservoir is formed from titanium, as used on the XTI-50
The action end cap is styled on the lines of the TX cylinder front section
The moderator is built around the Q-Tech internals
The special edition ambidextrous stock is a combination of the S636 (S410 std) and the Superlite stock. Crafted from a luxurious multi-toned laminate that perfectly compliments the titanium and black anodising used throughout the rifle. The ‘undercut’ sanding has been removed and a multi-adjustable cheek-piece, 3-axis butt pad added
The Features:

Fully-regulated action
Ambidextrous laminate stock
Commemorative badge in the pistol grip heel
Multi-adjustable cheek-piece
3-axis adjustable butt pad
Titanium air cylinder and loading bolt handle
Hi-tech moderator
Two magazines, with black pellet carriers and clear lens
Supplied in a high quality Negrini case with bespoke foam


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  • Kymira
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