Blaser .223 R8 Professional

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  • Blaser .223 R8 Professional
  • Blaser .223 R8 Professional
  • Blaser .223 R8 Professional
  • Blaser .223 R8 Professional
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Unique in every way

Just as diverse as hunting, so are the demands hunters place on their rifles. To say the R8 is just a bolt action rifle is the understatement of the century. More than just a rifle it is a platform that allows you the flexibility to interchange calibers while providing ergonomic perfection in stock design and unequaled trigger performance.


Blaser precision trigger
The desmodromic trigger mechanism guarantees your trigger will function even when iced or heavily soiled. The mechanical advantage of a simple lever will ensure success even in the harshest conditions. When things are going your way a 900g trigger, without creep, will turn that thought impulse into action.

Blaser Saddle Mount
Barrel and Saddle Mount form one accurate unit: Notches machined into the top of the barrel, directly above the chamber, insure while your barrel freely floats your point of impact remains constant.

Optimum barrel bedding
The large-scale bedding of the barrel exclusively in the solid receiver guarantees repeatable accuracy when exchanging the barrel. Stock deformation due to extreme weather can never affect the position of the barrel. Blaser radial locking system Stability and reliable accuracy: The extremely strong, concentric locking system locks directly in the barrel without any rotary motion. 14 locking surfaces provide 360 degree engagement.

Forged barrel and chamber
Precision and durability: The barrel and chamber are cold hammer forged at the same time for most calibers. Barrel and chamber are perfectly concentric.


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