.22 Hornet Bolt Action CZ Rifles for sale

  • CZ .22 Hornet 527 American (K Hornet package)


    CZ .22 Hornet 527 American (K Hornet package)

    Bolt Action Rifle (R/H) - S/H

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    K Hornet package; Rifle, choice of either DM80 or Wildcat Panther MOD, magazine, RCBS K Hornet dies, Hornady Hornet dies, 30mm mounts, 1" mounts, Weaver adaptor rail, thread protector, approx 260 fire-formed cases, Bullets 330 Barnes 30gn, …

  • CZ .22 Hornet 527 American


    CZ .22 Hornet 527 American

    Bolt Action Rifle (Ambidextrous) - S/H

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    Here is my 22 hornet lovely little walk about rifle for rabbitting and close range foxing also has a after market Pictionary rail on it which cost £60 has a single feed mag sledge which is glow in the dark as well as a 5 round mag which isn…