Remington .308 Sendero COPY

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  • Remington .308 Sendero COPY
  • Remington .308 Sendero COPY
  • Remington .308 Sendero COPY
  • Remington .308 Sendero COPY
  • Remington .308 Sendero COPY
  • Remington .308 Sendero COPY
  • Remington .308 Sendero COPY
  • Remington .308 Sendero COPY
  • Remington .308 Sendero COPY
  • Remington .308 Sendero COPY
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TRUE Left Handed Remington Model 700 Bolt Action Long Range .308 Target Rifle. CUSTOMISED and Re-configured with a TOP Quality 31 ¼” (795mm) Stainless Steel Fluted Target Barrel. Looks like a SUPER Sized Sendero made specifically for serious range work. Stock pull is adjustable and currently set at 14” (355mm) bringing an overall length to 51 5/8” (1310mm). This is definitely not for taking out stalking nor for the feint hearted. The bare rifle weighs in at 14 Lbs 2 oz (6.407 Kg). ANY recoil even without a muzzle break or sound mod is going to be near zero!

Stock is a Third Eye Evo Chassis so contributes quite a bit in weight itself. However they ARE a Seriously Rigid and Well thought out platform. Fully Adjustable Cheek piece as well as for Trigger Pull length etc. A Tripod / ‘Third Leg’ as standard to the Heel. Fit a Bi-pod and it can be almost microscopically adjusted in to the target. Stepped for a quick alignment then screw turns in / out to a Perfect final position.

Fully Adjustable Match Grade Rifle Basics Trigger all but finishes the ‘Tech Spec.’ Last bit is the Oversized Bolt Knob to help with a sure pick up and reload.

A Seriously Serious rifle in THE traditional long range calibre. NO, not one of the ‘in vogue’ options flooding the market but .308 HAS been around for just about ever. It IS still here and it WILL stay. ‘Modern’ options tend to arrive in a blaze of glory. Last for 12 to 18 months. Then get their crown stolen / knocked off as yet another pretender to the throne appears. There generally IS a GOOD reason why something manages to survive as long as a .308 Winchester has! It WILL be here as long as anyone still shoots a rifle.

Anyone ‘Old School’, Left Handed and wanting something with a VAST array of bullet weight options? THIS IS worth genuine consideration.


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  • Remington
  • Sendero COPY
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