Winchester .300 Win Mag 70 Super Grade

Bolt Action Rifle (R/H) - S/H


  • Winchester .300 Win Mag 70 Super Grade
  • Winchester .300 Win Mag 70 Super Grade
  • Winchester .300 Win Mag 70 Super Grade
  • Winchester .300 Win Mag 70 Super Grade
  • Winchester .300 Win Mag 70 Super Grade
  • Winchester .300 Win Mag 70 Super Grade
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Another rifle taken in from a dealer / gun smith who closed up shop and retired. The rifle apparently came in several years ago. Somehow the owner had managed to snap the original stock through the grip on only its fifth trip out. He had not ‘enjoyed’ shooting it as the recoil was simply too much from this Powerful Magnum. As such he did not feel inclined to spend money replacing the stock!

Now set into a BRAND NEW Fully Synthetic Hogue Rubber Over-Moulded Green / Grey DPM Patterned Stock. The pattern is actually GHILLIE GREEN. NOT the ‘cheap’ flexible option. Rather the CNC Precision Machined, FULLY Bedded, FULLY Bonded RIGID Aluminium Chassis and far more expensive option.

That said, the rifle DOES have a Really GOOD feel when mounted. Hopefully in this Brand New Stock it will shoot as well as it now looks and feels.

Full length 23 ¾” (603mm) original un-threaded barrel. This can be reduced or left to preference and threaded as well as supplied with suitable sound moderator too. Yes, additional cost but this is reduced to £50 when you buy the rifle here. Stock, as detailed above, provides a SOLID platform with a trigger pull length of 13 5/8” (346mm). Safety is a ‘three position’ unit. The bolt can be locked closed. Mid possition it will open while on safe from fire. The (obviously) ‘live’ / fire. Overall the rifle is 44 7/8” (1140mm) long with a weight of 8 ½ Lbs dead (3.851 Kg).

A TRULY GREAT calibre for SERIOUS long range shooting and energy retention. PLENTY of power, excellent bullet trajectories and ‘heavy weight’ knock down well past the average calibre. An excellent choice for anyone doing a professional job on the open hill. NOT ideal for range work as this is a standard sporting weight action. Front open sight still in place but the rear is long gone. Possibly have replacement but most people will be mounting a scope which is the reason the original is missing.


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  • Winchester
  • 70 Super Grade
  • Firearm
  • Right Handed
  • United States of America
  • G1520661
  • 170925/021
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