BSA .22 Hornet Multishot Beech

Pre-charged Pneumatic Air Rifle (R/H) - S/H

Trade seller - Advertised for 12 days until 20/08/2020 for £400

Information about BSA Air Rifles

Selling over 2 million air rifles to date, Birmingham Small Arms Company are considered to be one of the world’s best weaponry brands. A longstanding reputation for quality precedes BSA’s place as one of the market leaders in gun making. Marketed towards beginners, BSA’s air rifles are designed with expert craftsmanship and precision. The meteor in particular is one of BSA’s most popular models and is designed for hunting, plinking and firearm training. Our range of BSA air rifles for sale is extensive and includes: ·         BSA Scorpion ·         BSA Airsporter ·         BSA Polaris ·         BSA Hornet ·         BSA lightning ·         Plus many more model variants

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# Mechanism Make Model Calibre Bar. Len. Cast Price Age County
1. Pre-charged Pneumatic BSA Ultra SE Multishot Tactical .22 Amb. £750 S/H Hampshire  
2. Pre-charged Pneumatic BSA Ultra SE Multishot Beech .22 Amb. £450 S/H Oxfordshire  
3. Pre-charged Pneumatic BSA Ultra Single Shot Beech .22 R/H £295 S/H Derbyshire  
4. Pre-charged Pneumatic BSA Ultra SE .22 R/H £445 S/H Kent  
5. Pre-charged Pneumatic BSA Scorpion SE Multishot Beech .22 Amb. £450 S/H West Yorkshire  
6. Pre-charged Pneumatic BSA R10 Mk2 .22 R/H £595 S/H Northamptonshire  
7. Pre-charged Pneumatic BSA Scorpion .22 R/H £525 S/H Shropshire  
8. Pre-charged Pneumatic BSA Ultra SE .22 R/H £495 S/H Cornwall  
9. Pre-charged Pneumatic BSA Ultra .22 R/H £330 S/H durham  
10. Pre-charged Pneumatic BSA R10 SE Black Edition .22 Amb. £1,000 S/H Durham  
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