BSA .270 CF2

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  • BSA .270 CF2
  • BSA .270 CF2
  • BSA .270 CF2
  • BSA .270 CF2
  • BSA .270 CF2
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BSA CF2 action .270 bolt action rifle. With original open sights and adjustable trigger fitted.
Apparently a very accurate rifle capable of a traditional 'clover leaf' well PAST 100 yards !

Classic calibre once again begining to find favour.
There were always 2 things wrong with what still is the most 'forgiving' round available....they were firstly, the NOISE. As where all C/F go bang these go BANG !!!!! The second could be recoil on a poorly 'balanced' rifle that failed to transfer it properly through a well designed stock.
HOWEVER......BREAK THROUGH !!!!..... Today we have easily available sound moderators which effectively 'kill' both these issues so you now have the option of a calibre 'tamed' to friendly proportions without loosing any of its devastaing knock down performance.......EASY !

To all customers old and new some news….. THE NEW WEB SITE IS NOW FINALLY LIVE!…..CHECK IT OUT….comments appreciated.


  • BSA
  • CF2
  • Firearm
  • Right Handed
  • English
  • 8E 961
  • 150927/004
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