BSA 7mm Rem Mag CF2

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  • BSA 7mm Rem Mag CF2
  • BSA 7mm Rem Mag CF2
  • BSA 7mm Rem Mag CF2
  • BSA 7mm Rem Mag CF2
  • BSA 7mm Rem Mag CF2
  • BSA 7mm Rem Mag CF2
  • BSA 7mm Rem Mag CF2
  • BSA 7mm Rem Mag CF2
  • BSA 7mm Rem Mag CF2
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HARD HITTING 7mm Remington Magnum Bolt Action Rifle from BSA. YES, old but so what! Anyone looking for an inexpensive rifle that can give well above average performance out at longer ranges? This certainly fits the criteria. This can throw out a 150gr bullet at over 3100 ft / sec with a muzzle energy exceeding 3200 Ft/lbs. Certainly plenty for open hill / long range effective shooting on any live quarry. This is in all original spec. other than the actual adjustable ‘V’ missing from the Williams rear open sight. Not difficult to replace though most will want a scope fitting anyway.

23 3/8” (593mm) barrel with a 14 ¼” (363mm) pull. They bring in overall figures of 44 3/8” (1128mm) and weight of ½ oz under 8 Lbs (3.611Kg).

As said, these ARE old rifles today but are generally surprisingly accurate still in competent hands. This is also fitted with the more unusual double / hair trigger (though this is currently adjusted out of operation. Personally I would bring this back in play for a calibre like this. Set up correctly it will, no doubt, prove a great asset for more accurate shot placement. On BSA the front trigger is pushed forward to ‘set’ the second / rear trigger to whatever minimal pressure you want.
ALL ANYONE HAS TO DO is learn how to disengage things safely if and when required.

Quite an unusual and Very Well Patterned Stock. Quite dark so images may well not show things at their best. Finished with a traditional Rosewood Forend tip and grip cap then the ¾” (19mm) Recoil pad. These rifles even come with a cocking indicator pin to the back of the bolt. Hinged floor plate magazine too.

This will be one of if not the cheapest 7mm Mag option rifle advertised and happy to thread ‘in house’ at a reduced rate if required. CERTAINLY cheap enough to try the calibre and no doubt will prove a good enough option to actually keep.

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  • BSA
  • CF2
  • Firearm
  • Right Handed
  • 23 ⅜"
  • 14 ¼"
  • 8lb.
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  • 12R 4257
  • 210428/002
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