CZ .17 HMR 455 Thumbhole (Fluted Barrel)

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  • CZ .17 HMR 455 Thumbhole (Fluted Barrel)
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The slick design and performance of the CZ 455 Thumbhole Laminate model appeals to both sports and hunting shooters alike. A thick-walled barrel ensures accurate fire for both long and short-range shooting, whilst simultaneously preventing over-heating from frequent fire – making the 455 Thumbhole the ideal solution for small vermin control.

The thumbhole stock design is both aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing, constructed from a grained laminate wood with a slight gloss finish.


  • CZ
  • 455 Thumbhole
  • Firearm
  • Right Handed
  • 20"
  • Other
  • D017364
  • 190815/008
  • New