CZ .375 H&H Mag 550 Magnum

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  • CZ .375 H&H Mag 550 Magnum
  • CZ .375 H&H Mag 550 Magnum
  • CZ .375 H&H Mag 550 Magnum
  • CZ .375 H&H Mag 550 Magnum
  • CZ .375 H&H Mag 550 Magnum
  • CZ .375 H&H Mag 550 Magnum
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.375 H&H Calibre Model 550 MAGNUM Bolt Action Rifle from CZ. A rifle that has seen successful action twice in Africa with its last owner. Generally EXCELLENT condition other than a series of minor marks to the very bottom of the butt stock. A small mishap with a rock.

Personally I would simply use it as it is. To put things back to original will require a total stock strip down and re-finish. For the value of these rifles this is probably not a worthwhile economical option.

The original rear open ‘V’ sights misplaced when removed to allow a scope. Easily ordered and replaced at cost IF you are genuinely going to shoot it with traditional Iron sights.

A Good Strong Straight Grained Stock provides a pull length at 14 ¼” (362mm) including the inch (25mm) Recoil Pad. Chequering to the grip areas is still in as new condition.

Original 25” (635mm) Full Length barrel bringing in an overall length of 46 ½” (1180mm). Weight is 9 Lbs 1 oz (4.104 Kg). Fully Adjustable Single Set or Hair trigger. A WONDERFUL option to assist with accurate shot placement. Provided you get to know how to use it. Even more important, how to safely disengage it should a shot not be taken.

Hinged Floor Plate Magazine. Probably the best practical option for the shooting this calibre was designed for. The Controlled Feed Mauser style Bolt and Action also accommodates the full length extractor claw. Another feature much sought after in a Safari / Africa Rifle. The VERY LAST things you need are a lost magazine or worse still an extractor not functioning as it MUST. Given quarry this was designed for would happily turn the tables the last thing needed is a missed re-load. You will generally only get one chance. Mess that up and tables can change very quickly.

This will make someone a GREAT Budget end BIG GAME and SAFARI Rifle. At this price my last example was bought by a PH for a local game warden back in Africa. Not so much to shoot the 4 legged variety of quarry. RATHER to protect them against the two legged caught poaching.


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  • CZ
  • 550 Magnum
  • Firearm
  • Right Handed
  • 25"
  • 14 ¼"
  • 9lb.1oz.
  • Czechia
  • F4483
  • 200821/003
  • Used


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