Parker Hale .270

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  • Parker Hale .270
  • Parker Hale .270
  • Parker Hale .270
  • Parker Hale .270
  • Parker Hale .270
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A GREAT calibre just waiting for someone in the media / journalism to rediscover it!
Only ever had two possible down sides. One was always the noise, the other the recoil from a poorly balanced rifle that failed to transfer recoil well. ALWAYS had the superb positive of being just about THE most effective round for dumping energy and achieving a clean fast kill, even if the shot placement was not perfect!
Bearing in mind the fact that we can all now have sound moderators which easily solve both possible issues it has to be only a matter of time untillthis calibre once again finds the favour and popularity it once held.
The rifle is in great condition throughout with only a couple of stock marks that will lift. Metal work is excellent other than a few rust spots to the bolt but these will be polished before sale etc. and purely cosmetic.
As a good working tool MORE than suitable for any and all sport in the UK these old Parker Hale rifles are hard to beat.
(As it is I have actually just put a package together for a keeper in an even older PH .243 and three rounds sit under a 1p piece at the obligatory 100 yards)!

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  • Parker Hale
  • Firearm
  • Right Handed
  • 24"
  • 13 ¾"
  • England
  • B 09872
  • 160427/002
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