Remington .222 600 Mohawk

Bolt Action Rifle (R/H) - S/H


  • Remington .222 600 Mohawk
  • Remington .222 600 Mohawk
  • Remington .222 600 Mohawk
  • Remington .222 600 Mohawk
  • Remington .222 600 Mohawk
  • Remington .222 600 Mohawk
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Remington .222 Remington, Model 600 Mohawk Bolt Action Full Stocked / Stutzen Rifle. ‘Never rains but it pours’! …. Been years since I have seen one and then two turn up within days!
This is nicely original still with it’s full length 14 1/8” pull, straight grained but contrasting stock which also features a nicely raised cheek piece and (always a good sign) Skip or Fox cut chequering. It always sets a gun stock off well and catches the eye. The unusual cranked bolts a beautifully slick in operation and to my mind far superior to the more modern 700 actions always so popular as off the shelf rifles or to use as donor actions for a rebuild. These just ‘glide’ in and out as they are without any prep or work. As said, slick!
At 37 ¼” overall these rifles actually feel a lot shorter and more compact than they actually are. They come to the shoulder and mount beautifully and just handle extremely well.
As with the second rifle here at time of listing for anyone looking for a superb small centre fire action for a rebuild project this might well be an ideal choice. Slightly different to ‘the norm.’ but VERY well made, a delight to open and close and a Remington. That all said, no reason at all why you would not just want to use the rifle as it is. Pretty sure the short 18 ½” barrel will perform as well as most of what else is available out there pre-used or even new. It is also in a calibre that would appear to be getting ‘re-discovered’. I have sold quite a few .222 rifles lately which is about tie as it is a fantastic little calibre for fox and vermin control as well as for the smaller deer species where legal. With a lot less powder than the other .22 centre fire options and hardly noticeable recoil the performance for energy and velocity is more than adequate in the right hands. Tips the scales at a straight 7lbs. Magazine is integral with a fixed floor plate so top loading / unloading only. A feature I have no problem with as nothing to lose or fall open etc. but worth a mention as some people don’t like to have to work the bolt to unload and unfired ammunition thought this can be done with the safety applied. Personally I like these rifles but that said I don’t tend to ‘follow the flock’.


  • Remington
  • 600 Mohawk
  • Firearm
  • Right Handed
  • 18 ½"
  • 14 ⅛"
  • 7lb.
  • American
  • B6246660
  • 171207/009
  • Used


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