Baikal 12 gauge Ejector double trigger

Over and Under Shotgun (R/H) - S/H

Trade seller - Advertised for 30 days until 8/12/2019 for £150

Information about Baikal Shotguns

Baikal shotguns are renowned for their reliability and build quality, which keeps a Baikal firing on all cylinders for years down the line. This Russian stalwart has been one of our most popular manufacturers for years now, with a huge array of shotguns available at any one time, ranging from single barrel and side by side, to over and under, pump action and semi-automatic. Baikal shotguns are produced by the world’s largest manufacturer of sporting arms and are made using only top grade steel along with the latest and most exacting technology and machinery, which is exactly why you can expect a Baikal to last and last. Some of our most popular models include: ·         Baikal 27 ·         Baikal Hushpower ·         Baikal Stealth ·         Baikal Black Synthetic ·         And many more besides...

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# Mechanism Make Model Calibre Bar. Len. Cast Price Age County
1. Over and Under Baikal 12 gauge 27 ½" R/H £80 S/H South Yorkshire  
2. Over and Under Baikal 27E-1C 12 gauge 28 ½" R/H £300 S/H Scotland  
3. Over and Under Baikal Ejector 12 gauge 24" R/H £195 S/H Kent  
4. Over and Under Baikal 627 12 gauge 27" R/H £225 S/H Somerset  
5. Over and Under Baikal 2 barrels 12 gauge 28 ½" R/H £250 S/H Leicestershire  
6. Over and Under Baikal 12 gauge 28" R/H £199 S/H Cambridgeshire  
7. Over and Under Baikal 27 EM-M-1C 12 gauge 27 ½" R/H £150 S/H Warwickshire  
8. Over and Under Baikal 12 gauge R/H £125 S/H Somerset  
9. Over and Under Baikal 27 12 gauge R/H £100 S/H Somerset  
10. Over and Under Baikal 27E 12 gauge R/H £100 S/H Somerset  
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