Miroku 12 gauge 3800 Grade 5 (Teague Ported Laminate)

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  • Miroku 12 gauge 3800 Grade 5 (Teague Ported Laminate)
  • Miroku 12 gauge 3800 Grade 5 (Teague Ported Laminate)
  • Miroku 12 gauge 3800 Grade 5 (Teague Ported Laminate)
  • Miroku 12 gauge 3800 Grade 5 (Teague Ported Laminate)
  • Miroku 12 gauge 3800 Grade 5 (Teague Ported Laminate)
  • Miroku 12 gauge 3800 Grade 5 (Teague Ported Laminate)
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I have owned this fantastic shotgun from new. It has no mark on it at all and is still very tight as it has had very little use.

The gun has been meticulously cleaned after every outing and well looked after and could easily be mistaken for a brand new gun.

I used to use this for trap such as Down The Line and Automatic Ball Trap but when my local club closed some years ago I moved to sporting instead so haven't used it much since.

Spec: MK3800 Grd5 action, 10mm wide 6mm high rib with original white bead sight inc mid bead, 32" barrel with fixed 3/4, Full chokes, 18.5 bores, 70mm chamber.

Single trigger with barrel selector on the safety catch.

The older Mk3800 models differ from the newer MK38 as they have the better chopper lump barrels and are better made then the newer models IMO.

The action is very tight just like a new gun (It hasn't been tightened either), it has recently been stripped cleaned and greased internally and is like new inside.

The metalwork including action and barrels are spotless and I cannot find a single mark on them anywhere.

The barrels were sent to Teague a few years ago to get ported and the forcing cones lengthened. Personally I have noticed a reduction in muzzle rise which is why I got another 3 shotguns done after this one. Both those around me and myself cannot hear any difference in sound level when shooting a teague ported barrel gun.

The stock is a custom laminate with adjustable comb and adjustable "jones" heel plate with KickEez recoil pad.

All the stock work was carried out by Gary Cane Stock maker, Gary is famous for making laminate stocks for over 30 years and developed and made all the stocks on the early limited edition Daystate air rifles.

Guns like this are very hard to find in this condition these days.

Exceptional condition and value from this legendary manufacturer.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to phone or text.


  • Miroku
  • 3800 Grade 5
  • Shotgun
  • Right Handed
  • 3/4 & Full
  • 8lb.
  • Japanese
  • 2 3/4
  • 1
  • Yes
  • 59703NX
  • Used


  • Private
  • Austen
  • Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire
  • 07887-XXX XXX
  • 07887-XXX XXX

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