A-tec .243 CMM-4 ALU

Baffles - 1/2" UNF Sound Moderator (Ambidextrous) - S/H


  • A-tec .243 CMM-4 ALU
  • A-tec .243 CMM-4 ALU
  • A-tec .243 CMM-4 ALU
  • A-tec .243 CMM-4 ALU
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Total weight of 220g.
Overall length of 7".
Made from high grade alluminium.
Reduces muzzle noise by up to 25dB.
4 modular removeable chambers.
Has had very little use around 50 rounds, boxed with all instructions


  • Firearm
  • Ambidextrous
  • Other
  • S/H


  • Private
  • Martin
  • Banbridge, Down
  • 02840-XXX XXX
  • 07967-XXX XXX

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