Bollé Cobra 3 Lens Kit Review

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First impressions: 4/5 

The look of the glasses follow a well-trodden path in design for this type of eyewear with large oversized lenses and streamline arms all made from a durable polycarbonate. The glasses feel robust and well-made, even if a little “mass produced”, and come with a handy microfibre case. Overall, they look and feel like a decent offering when you consider the price bracket.

Bollé Cobra 3 Lens Kit

Design, build and functionality 4/5 

Both the frames and the lenses of the glasses are made of tough polycarbonate and come with UV protection as standard. The arms of the glasses are fully adjustable and one size fits all. One slight concern is that they don’t come with a scratch-resistant coating so you would need to be gentle with them in the field.

Bollé Cobra 3 Lens Kit

Field Test: 4/5 

I tested all three lenses at the wonderful Lady’s Wood shooting ground near Chipping Sodbury as they offer a variety of backdrops, light conditions and shots. The glasses were extremely comfortable and the adjustable arms meant they sat well on your face with or without a hat and even when wearing over the ear defenders. In very warm and humid conditions no condensation formed on the glasses and they remained steam free. The HD lenses and Yellow lenses both performed well and really aided definition of the targets and clarity of vision. The smoked lenses are quite dark and would only really be suitable in bright sunshine.

Bollé Cobra 3 Lens Kit

Value for Money 5/5 

At about £12 a pair these glasses are an incredible value and you could even just about justify buying all three for different light and field conditions.

Bollé Cobra 3 Lens Kit

Overall 4.5/5 

The glasses really surprised me with their comfort and performance considering the price bracket. I would not hesitate using the HD lenses on the clay ground and the yellow lenses on the grouse moor and I don’t see any real competitors that are this good for the price.


  • Type: Eyewear
  • Make: Bollé
  • Product: Cobra – 3 lens kit

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